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Tips to Starting a Positive Week

Have you thought about saying something different other than “I hate Mondays”? I have some tips to starting a positive week.

On a regular basis I used to complain how much I hate Mondays when I go to school or work.  I was so hard for me to get back on track after making my weekends memorable. Feeling depressed when I have to get back to work and worry about my problems. What changed my life was learning how to accept the fact good thing aren’t meant to last forever. But we can cherish those memories by gain inspiration what happened over the past couple days.

After spending the weekend having free time, you start your week working yourself hard to your success.  It’s a tough process after having fun, but there are better activities you can do to start your week.

Every Monday is a new chapter in your book.  Use that day as a reset to feel confident about yourself and set new goals for your week.  

Sitting around and doing nothing does sound relaxing however you’re not being productive.  As fun as it is to watch Netflix and scroll through TikTok for hours, there are more options.  

When you start your weekend, organize your schedule for the upcoming week ahead.

Starting today, you are going to make a new chapter for your storybook. After this chapter, write down your goals on how you can build your own power in your next chapter.

Here are my best tips to give you on starting a positive week.

Hey, I know it’s Monday. But it’s also a new day and a new week. And in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen

Michael Ely

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Before your weekend begins, take time to destress to end your week meditating by relaxing your muscles and brain. For example, practice your meditation with breathing exercises to calm your nerves to get a good start to your day.

Take a Night Out 

Joce At Regency Ballroom San Francisco CA |

If you’re feeling like being an extrovert, spend your evening night out to do destress from a long week of work.  You can do fun things like romanticizing yourself, hanging out with friends, or taking a night walk outside.

This is a good practice to grow your social skills by spreading kindness, asking for advise, and meet new people in your life. This can be a good way to reach opportunities for your success to evolve.

Watch a TV/Movie Marathon 

If you’re not planning on leaving the house, take a cozy night in bed and watch a marathon on your weekend. There are so many shows and movies to binge while you are at home relaxing.

Before watching television, organize your comfy area, grab a blanket, eat a healthy snack so you can have nice relaxing day at home. Watching a movie or tv can also be inspiring when you relate to the writers argument and understand their point of view.

Get Organized

Another good way to start your weekend is cleaning your space. Coming home everyday worrying about getting your chores done will outworn you.  The first thing we want to do when we get home from work is to relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

There are helpful ways of keeping with your chores. For example, make a weekly chore chart to keep you home organized and clean up when you’re finished with some activities.

Have a Weekend Glow-Up

Glow up routines are my favorite ways to start a new week. It’s not only about how perfect your skin looks, your sense of style, and and finding the right product. You are developing a deeper connection with your beauty.

Find a Hobby 

Hobbies are the best entertainment to gain a healthy relationship with yourself.  If you want to find something to do that will not bore you, do something that you have been craving to do for a long time or try something new.

This is a great way discover what you can be qualified for with what you experience and getting to know your talent.

Indulge an at Home Spa-Night 

Lush Cosmetic Beauty Sleep Face Mask | Tips on Starting A Positive Week

Having a spa-night at home can be relaxing like being surrounded in a safe environment and will saves time and money. For a great spa night light some candles, play some Lo-Fi, and apply a face mask while you relax. Once you feel relaxed, you will feel the refreshment from head to toe.

My Favorite Candle Scents:

My Favorite Face Masks:

Have Some Me-Time

Taking time alone is the #1 best way to build a better relationship with yourself.  There are many options when it comes to having some alone time.

What you can benefit from this moment is to reconnect with how you feel about your body, emotions, and lifestyle.

Practice Waking Up Early 

Waking up early is a great challenge for your to accept because you develop good sleep and get motivation to start your day. Also you will have good time management skills like doing a self care ritual, catching up on your tasks, and prepping your day before leaving home.

Plan Your Meals

Have you not had enough time to prepare your meals?  You can spend your weekend meal prepping to save time and money.

For example you can put together a lunchbox and leave it in your fridge to keep you food cold. Another way wo meal prep is to organize your fridge to get rid of expired food and have easy access to your meal.

Make a To-Do List 

Creating a to-do list will help you get your tasks done and follow with your goals for this week. To make your task list organized, you can divide them to your personal and work life to practice balancing your lifestyle.

Plan Your Outfits for the Week 

Aesthetic Pink Outfit | Tips on Starting A Positive Week

Planning your outfits is another fun start to get your glow-up in for the week.  It saves your time in case you are in a rush to leave home. The best time to plan your outfits is during your night routine and your spare time this weekend.

Make a Weekly Habits List

Once of my other best tips to starting a positive week is making a weekly habit list and do those tasks daily to stay productive. It’s a good reminder to keep up with those task to cope with your emotions because you are making your mental health a priority.

Make a Sunday Night Routine 

If you’re not looking forward to Mondays, make a night routine to help you get 8-10 hours of rest. You will feel good and refreshed waking up the next morning. I recommend you to end your day making a commitment to making your week successful.

Get Enough Sleep

Before going to bed, put your electronics aside, listen to relaxing music, read a fiction book to have good dreams, and do your nightly journal. You will wake up the next morning to a good start and feel motivated to get a good start to your day.

Monday Affirmations 

One of my best tips to starting a positive week is using your Monday affirmations to start you week great.  They can be positive or funny.

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