How to Spring Clean Your Bedroom in 5 Days

Every year I spend the week deep cleaning my room to declutter, organize, and make a new era of my lifestyle.  It’s stressful being unprepared which is why I’m going to explain how to spring clean your bedroom in 5 days.

The best time to get your spring cleaning done can be either March or April to get ready for the warm weather. Thus you will not be surrounded in a cluttered environment.

Not only is it the time when the weather warms up, but it’s the season when allergies are likely to get worse because of all the dust that kicks in.

For a successful clean environment, pick the day or week you’re likely not busy with studying or working, depending how your schedule is like.  

I’m currently living at my mother’s apartment and promised not to touch anything that I don’t own.  If you have a free weekend you’re likely to take less time to get your spring cleaning done.  

Make a list and schedule to plan out your routine spending each day on how you’re going to organize your space. Make a cleaning that will work best for you.  

If you want to add some fun watch some television, have a small dance party, open the window for some fresh air.

I’m ready to give you my best cleaning examples for you to keep an organized environment.

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Day 1: Closet Cleaning 

Keeping your closet organized can save you time and money.  If your closet not cluttered with half the wardrobe you barely wear, you’re likely to save money.  Also this is a good time management practice knowing what to wear for the day.  I usually deep clean my closet once a month to prepare for the new season which takes me 2 hours.

Here are my steps on how I keep my clothes organized.

Day 2: Vanity

There’s more you can do rather than beautifying your looks and putting on your favorite accessories.  Your vanity is your space to connect with your inner and outer beauty.  

To make your vanity an interesting spot for you, organize and decorate with your aesthetic.

Day 3: Bookshelf 

Your bookshelf is the place where you store your collections whether they’re books or not.  If your books feel out of place from your aesthetic, you can add storage and find your colors.

My bookshelf also my office because I use it for knowledge, storing my office tools, and my display case.

Day 4: Desk

Yes, our desk does get messy after using it at the first second.  If you never have the motivation to clean your desk, then now is the time to organize it.

I’ll be honest, the desk is not mine, it’s my fiance’s because he loves to game when he comes home from work and streams live on Twitch.  Normally I clean the desk space while he’s at work so he can come home to a cleaner space.

Day 5: Decorate

Now the fun part to wrap up your cleaning are the decorations. To decorate, find your aesthetic of what defines your brand. Then decorate the walls with something that is inspirational. Finally make your bed so you can have a cozy night rest.  Finally you can relax after spending the day organizing your bedroom.

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