Hello everyone. My name is Jocelyn Rose, but you call me Joce. I am glad that you are here on my website and excited for you to start your journey.

This website is about self improvement, productivity, and mental health.  

Why don’t you get to know me first…

I am a cat lover. I have 3 cats. Bella is an angel in heaven, Sai is my fuzzball, and Penny was a gift that gave me great experiences.  Animals are a great way to help me heal and develop my lifestyle.

I have creative thinking. Most of my lifetime, I thought reading was a waste of time and I barely passed high school.  During the summer before my sophomore year started in high school, I took a walk downtown and thought about what I want to put in a story.  I write in my journal like I’m writing a book.

I learned that I like to read.  Because the more that I read, it will develop my brain.  This inspired me to learn that I have potential to keep doing what I desire for my future.  However it’s hard for me to keep up with my daily reading because I get constantly distracted. Journaling motivates me to read because I’ll learn new things while doing these activities.

Journaling is my healer.  Whenever I am feeling like the universe is conspiring against me, I’ll write down how I am feeling then I make a list of goals about the next chapter of my story.  

I love to travel. When I was little, my mother could never afford to take me on vacations, so we would take day trips to our town’s hot spots in my hometown.  After COVID ended, my fiance, Justin, and I began traveling by taking long road trips, taking flights, and so many more day trips.

I love music festivals.  I have been wanting to go to one since high school and I finally went to my first one in 2021.  My favorite things to do at festivals are meeting new people, listening to the best music, and dressing up in one of my favorite costumes. Whenever I go to a music festival, I am in a whole different world. 

I love spending time with my fiance.  Justin and I love spending the day taking adventures in different towns,  eating out at the diner, and going Target shopping.   When we sit at home, we’ll either watch movies or play online games.

Joce and Justin

I love playing video games. I spend my spare time gaming because it helps me let out my emotions and is an exciting entertainment activity.  My favorite video game franchise is The Legend of Zelda.

I love fashion. I like to sketch my outfit ideas whenever I get inspired by my favorite fashion designers.  Also I used to sew clothes because I love making my own clothes.  I spend my spare time putting together my outfits while I am cleaning out my closet and taking instagram photos.  

I am a coffee lover. Yes,the first thing when I wake up is drink coffee because it helps me stay awake, keeps me productive, and puts me in a better mood.  However, I should have my limits to drinking caffeine.

I spend time taking care of myself. Putting myself first before I could take care of others and get on with my tasks.  I will be sharing a lot of self care tips on this website and can’t wait to show you what I came up with.

I listen to a lot of music on Spotify. My top favorite genres are EDM, Rock Indie, 2000’s pop, and classical music.  I’ll listen to music during my car rides, my sad times, and while I’m doing my chores.

I am an adrenaline junkie.  I love to ride roller coasters, upside down rides, and go on drop rides at amusement parks.  There so much I want to do like go skydiving, ride a motorcycle, and go bungee jumping.

Now you learned what my favorite activities are, now you’ll know why I created my website.

Why Did I Create This Website?

I was 4 years old when I was diagnosed with aspergers.  I was non-verbal and had a hard time making friends.  My classmates used to make fun of me, fake-friend me to take advantage of my kindness and tell me to go back to special ed.  I lost so much confidence that I was hiding behind a mask throughout middle school and high school. 

At the end of my senior year in high school, my classmate shared his diagnosis during his senior statement. When I was inspired and ready to open up about myself, I have less insecurities about myself.  

I had a hard time focusing in class due to my learning disability.  Every class period I had the only thing I cared about was getting out of class and having fun with my friends and not worrying about homework.  I got distracted easily because I didn’t care about getting my class work done.  I used to slack off and end up having missing assignments.  My teachers used to breathe down and I remember how frustrating it was. 

I learned that if I want to reach my success, I need to work hard. So I began focusing on getting good grades throughout the rest of my time in high school so I have the credits to graduate. After high school I made a goal to make it through college and grow a successful career.

Then the pandemic hit, I dropped out of college and worked retail living paycheck to paycheck. 

I was lost and wanted to figure out a way how I can make it through life. I logged into youtube and watched influencers reach their success throughout their journey.  It was inspiring and I learned that I want to teach young women how to keep their head in the game.

The reason why I had my insecurities and had a hard time focusing was because I lived in a dysfunctional household, my teachers used to bully me, and I used to hate myself.  I never could get a break because I felt like I was letting everyone down including myself.  I never learned how much it affected me until I worked myself to the bone at my retail job.  It was affecting my mental health.  So I put my foot down.  I was tired of people walking all over me, breathing down my neck, giving while they take.  I gave myself a break to focus on my mental health by reading a book, journaling, and taking walks. 

Someone told me that I was walking through fire and if I stood in the fire, I was gonna let myself burn.  I will get through the fire with scratches that are known as my battle scars.

Let’s Connect!

I want this community to make you feel at home. 

This is a safe place for you to help you feel good about yourself on the inside and outside.  You are not alone because plenty of other people can relate with what you’re going through.   

I can’t wait for you to be a part of my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Love, Joce