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9 Toxic Behaviors You Should Look Out For

How many times have you questioned your relationship with another person? I learned 9 toxic behaviors you should look out for.

This has been the moment I’ve been waiting to tell you guys about toxic behaviors you should look out for.  As most of you can relate, I’ve experienced those types of behaviors throughout my life. I’ve questioned myself why am I not happy when I’m around someone at the end of the day that I wish I could take those days back.

A toxic person is the type of person that will drain your energy from living a healthy lifestyle. Their behavior can cause stress and trauma in your social life.  

Being a toxic person is not any type of mental disorder.  They take action in a negative way because they possibly had bad experiences that have traumatized them in the past.

Here are some signs you need to be aware of how you are in your social life are:

  • The feeling constantly defending yourself
  • Getting into uncomfortable situations
  • Confusion
  • Low energy after a hang out
  • Never got the apology you deserve
  • Losing faith of another person

If you are aware, you need to:

  • Understand your feelings i.e.The Shadow Journal
  • Where this relationship stands
  • How much respect you get

If you’re trying to change that person from having toxic behavior, then you are making the wrong choice. Their choice is what they choose to stay the way they are and not do anything for the better for themselves.

After leaving them, you will understand why you’re doing what’s best for the both of you.

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Always “Need” Attention 

Consistently calling, texting, or showing up at your doorstep unannounced from someone is expecting you to drop everything to be there for them. It’s hard to keep track of your own path if you’re constantly giving all your attention to someone else. What you should do is start setting your boundaries so you can make time to prioritize your mental health.

Lack of Communication 

How big are you on surprises?  When it comes to making plans, you expect things to go well. But someone can surprise you if they flake at the last second, invite a friend without asking, or revolve everything about themselves. 

Lacking communication is cause of conflict as a result to the feeling of not being heard. For example they’re making plans without asking, keeping secrets, want things to only go their way.

Abuse of Power 

Letting other abuse their powers means you are letting others overstep your boundaries by giving them high expectations from you. If you feel like you have to revolve your life around that person, then you’re giving someone the power to control your lifestyle, ask yourself questions.

Walking away from that situation can either be easy or challenging. In conclusion you are only doing what’s best for your wellbeing.

Manipulate You to Get What They Want 

People are likely to take advantage of your kindness because you’re possibly the person who treats someone with the most respect.  If your boundaries are overstepped, then you need to put your foot down and stick up to what you believe in.

Don’t Take Your Advice 

If someone doesn’t want to take your advice on how they can better themselves, then you can’t expect them to change on what they believe in. Some people can’t change because they believe that they don’t need any feedback to make any accommodations for themselves.  Don’t waste your time and energy trying to change someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

For example, people only like to cause drama when:

  • They don’t get any attention
  • Lack commuication
  • Spread rumors on someone in the group

Cause Drama 

Their definition of fun is to start conflict if anything doesn’t go the way they planned.  But no one likes drama and wants to have the good time they deserve after a long week.  

For example, people only like to cause drama when:

  • They don’t get any attention
  • Lack commuication
  • Spread rumors on someone in the group
  • Compare themselves to one another

Listen to Only One Sided Stories 

Jumping to conclusions and or taking sides can result in letting others judge you for the smallest things even though you’re not at fault.  If people are not willing to listen to your side of the story, it’s best to talk to someone who you know in your heart can give the best advice.  Also you can write it down in a journal to keep up with the situation.

Always Complaining

There are differences between complaining and venting. If someone is mad over the smallest things, they’re likely to take it out on you or ruin the fun. Try to change the subject to change to a better mood or walk away from the conversation.

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