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9 Life Accomplishments You to be Thankful About

What was the last time you’ve celebrated an accomplishment? I have found 9 life accomplishments to be thankful for and celebrate.

Life accomplishments are moments in your journey for success, growth, and achieving your goals. During your journey, enjoy the smallest things you have in life. If you don’t appreciate the moments you create will lead you to dissatisfaction. 

The common life accomplishments we celebrate are something relate to a career, family, education, relationships, financial success, and mental/physical health.

Ask yourself what, how, why you are proud or not proud of what you accomplished.

Keep in mind that accomplishments lead you to where you’re standing now whether you succeeded and failed.  Doing activities that you have no interest in can lead you to an amazing place for your lifestyle.  Even though you’re not good with those activities like drawing, bowling, or golfing, you did try.

Just a simple reminder to not compare yourself to others and keep your eyes on the prize. The smallest creates a heartwarming adventure for your journey.

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I’m about to give you 9 life accomplishments you to be thankful about.

Your life journey is about learning to become more of who you are and fulfilling the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being

Oprah Winfrey

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Building Strong Friendships 

Having the most supportive, forgiving and understanding person in your life builds a strong friendship between you and that other person.  

A healthy friendship is developed by willingly putting you with that person, celebrating their biggest moment, and advising them to live the best moments in their journey. If they’re willing to do the same, then that friendship proves that you can trust and grow a stronger bond.

Check out this podcast episode by Fernanda Ramirez to develop a stronger friendships.

Learning From Your Mistakes 

We all make mistakes, but that’s how we learn from our experience.  Because we did the wrong things doesn’t mean the world is ending. 

You are learning to understand yourself about your wants and needs.  If you don’t learn from your mistakes, then you begin to stress yourself out more and risk losing trust and confidence from others.

If you want more self reflection on your wellbeing, purchase Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones.

Challenging Yourself 

Start challenging yourself by getting out of your comfort zone, putting your clothes on, and go outside to try new things.  

No matter if you’ve failed or succeeded, you developed personal growth, make life more interesting, and grew a stronger relationship with yourself.


Keep in mind that you’re still standing today after going through traumatic events, uncomfortable situations, and coming from a toxic environment.  But you’re still grieving and trying to move on with your life.

The best way to go on with your journey is to cope with your emotions.  You feel alive and happier by doing these skills to help with your personal growth.

Ending Toxic Friendships/ Relationships 

If you’re not happy with the friendship/ relationship, then it’s best to end it and move on.  It’s a tough decision to make because you’ve been through so much with the person.

This will be a heartbreaking experience but you deserve better and have so much more coming ahead. You’re not only getting out of this friendship/relationship for yourself, you’re doing it for that person as well.

Learning Something New 

You do something new everyday by watching a movie, reading a book, or finding a deeper meaning for yourself.  Developing your confidence and courage by coping with your emotions.

It can be a life changing experience for your life journey and bring you to your success.  Making a new beginning and a fresh start for your lifestyle.

Having a Talent/Skill 

If you’re not happy with your talent, there are a lot of skills you can experience for your journey.  You only live once and it’s never too late to discover a talent.

One of my interesting talents you should know about is that I can read and write upside down.  If you’re passionate about this specific talent you want to do, keep on going until you have mastered it.

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Which in the next paragraph, you’ll learn to…

Accept Your Defeat 

Accepting your defeat means that you are developing a growth mindset.  Meaning if you can’t succeed in this activity, you’ll keep on doing it until you get it right.

No matter how much you fail, you learn a new experience and you should celebrate even if you come in last place.  Going back to learning from your mistakes, you are understanding your passions.

Keep Going Towards Your Success

Keep going and make things right for yourself.  Just remember to focus on your physical, mental, and spiritual health.  One day you will reach your big picture and achieve your goals.  

I believe and have faith in your success throughout your journey.  You are one in a million and you keep doing by keeping your eyes on the prize.

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