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5 Examples On Making a Successful 5 Year Plan

Are you struggling with what you want to do with your future? I set 5 examples of making your 5 year plan successful.

Make sure you separate your 5 years and life plan because your 5 year plan will help you reach your goal to achieve them. To help achieve your goals, you can also create a vision board to see where you want your future to look like.

In case your plans don’t work out the way you expect them, come up with back up plans.  

Leave enough time to make your 5 year plan a success because you want to give yourself time to think about how you want to play your part.  Don’t take your plans seriously and have fun with it.  

Here are my 5 examples of making your 5 year plan successful.

Plans are nothing, planning is everything.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Consider Life Categories 

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The categories can help you decide how you want to develop those activities by setting your own examples to grow this successfully.  

Life categories help you develop a healthier lifestyle and environment, but it can be hard to keep up with these categories. Try to balance your lifestyle by making a to-do list and practice time management

You can consider your life categories by:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Career
  • Personal Development
  • Environment
  • Recreation
  • Spiritual
  • Family
  • Fitness 
  • Hobbies

Dream Up Your Perfect Lifestyle 

If you want to get that perfect life you want, you can start it by making a vision board to follow up with your dream lifestyle. Don’t be clingy about the life you dream of because it will be less likely to happen. 

Place your vision board or your five year plan where your most favorite spot is so it can give a reminder how you can make your journey a success.  

Remember to think about what YBP (Your Big Picture) is and write down in your journal about what you want to do to make your life successful.

Think about YBP

When I think about YBP,  I need to consider what that big picture means to me.  To make YBP a reality, start it by setting your sub goals, super goals, and turning your actions into habits.  I learned how to turn my dreams to reality after reading The Noom Mindset.

The more you stay productive during your routines, the more likely your dreams will come true. 

Start off by waking up early in the morning and do some productive activities such as reading, journal, exercising, and relaxation.  

Journal Prompts

There are many good journal prompts you can write to follow up with your self image. But I most like to write about the present so I can set goals about what I can do to make my future a success.  

Journaling is a good way to help clear your mind especially if you are overthinking and feeling like you are about to hit rock bottom.  The best time to journal is after you wake, while having a meal, or before bed. 

Set Goals For Your Lifestyle  

Getting goals is a good example to begin writing your plans for the next 5 years.  While writing a list of things you want to achieve, think about the big and small things that will help you better you lifestyle.  

If you are making goals, you are likely to create a healthy routine for your lifestyle. 

Have One Main Goal 

That one main goal you are setting is for you and only you.  Because you are putting your happiness first, you’re most likely to create a positive environment for your space.

If you have that as your main goal, find some things that will help you achieve it. For example, start off by doing some hobbies, do your routines and change them every once in a while, and ask for advice from someone who can help you make your goals successful.

Make Small Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Goals 

Writing down a list of goals will motivate you to keep up with what you want to commit.  After starting a new day, week, month, and year, you can make a new beginning for yourself. 

Follow up with your goals as you go on with your day and celebrate your achievements.  Keep in mind that the goals you are setting for yourself are only for your well being.

Create a “Impossible Goal” Then Break It to Small Goals

Do you ever think about how much time flies and don’t know what to do?  Think about what you want to make a big change in your life. Yes, Change is scary and there might be a few ups and downs along with your journey but you gotta keep your eyes on the prize. 

If you don’t think your goals are possible you can take baby steps by learning to trust yourself and accept what you have.

Decide Your Plans Between Then and Now 

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What are your plans between then and now?  Be thoughtful and creative with what you want to do to make your vision happen. You can set yourself daily reminders to know what you can do to make you 5 year plan a success.

Make a to-do List 

Before you go to bed, write a to-do list so you don’t stress about what you want to do for the next day.  After you write down your plans, keep up with your commitment and manage your time through your day.  

Don’t stress nor cling on to your daily to-do list and just have fun with it.

Create Routines

Routines are my favorite things to help me keep a healthy mindset.  I like to do my routines the first thing to do when I wake up and when I get home from a long day.  Cycling your tasks will start turning all your actions to habits and it will help you develop your mindset.  

Dive Deep to Your Why’s 

Why do you want to achieve this goal and make your plan a success? You need to dive deep to why you want to make that plan for your lifestyle because you are developing a better version of yourself.  For example ask yourself why five times then you will find a better reason for what you want to do with yourself.   

This is one of my favorite examples while I am figuring out what I want to accomplish because you’ll earn these best moments. 

Here’s my example of the 5 why process that I learned in Sadie Aldis vlog on her 2022 Vision Board tutorial.

  1. I want to own a nicer car? – Because I put my hard work to it
  2. Why do I work so hard? – I can feel confidence with what I can achieve in.
  3. Why do  want to feel confident – Feeling confidence mean that I learned to love myself more
  4. Why should I love myself more? – Loving myself brings joy to my lifestyle
  5. Why do I want to feel joy in my lifestyle? – Because I can spread positivity.

This example helps you dig deep into what you want to earn for your plans.

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