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49 Self Care Activities to Do On Your Free Time

What do you like to do during your spare time? I have 49 self care activities to share for your free time instead of being unproductive.

When I had time to spare I used to sleep, eat, and go through social media wishing I could take myself out to somewhere fun.  But I never went out because I felt so insecure, alone, and anxious and I decided to stay in my comfort zone.  Then I realized that being cooped up in my apartment was hindering me from my success. I finally had the motivation to get out of bed and do something to keep me productive. 

If we overwork ourselves and think about the negatives, then you’re most likely to drift away from the relationship you have with yourself which causes anxiety and depression.

Instead of getting in your comfort zone take time getting used to making changes because you will be developing healthy habits that will help you get closer to achieving your goals. In fact this ritual will boost you confidence of your wellbeing.

This is the time to rest, reset, and clear out anything that is getting in the way of your success.

Find activities helps you reconnect with yourself therefore growing a healthier relationship with yourself. For example keep up with your happiness, health, productivity, and wellness.  Likewise the motivation to develop activities is a practice for your physical, mental, spiritual, social, professional, and emotional health.

Here are 49 self care activities I’m about to give you to do during your free time.

Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude

Michelle Obama

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Joce's Bedroom Decor | 49 Self Care Activities to do On Your Free Time

During my off days, I spend time organizing my space or going out to lounge at a cafe.  Usually I’ll write a list of things in order to keep up with my self care ritual.  Sometimes there are new things I am willing to try for instance learning how to dance, sing on a higher note, and

Doing these activities boosted my confidence because it taught me how to accept defeat and develope a new skill.  This is a way to make a habit of balancing both my time and money.  

Doing the things you love help you keep up with both of your routines and a healthy relationship with yourself.  If you find something to do, then you’ll grow more interest with that activity.

Here are 49 activities that I like to do during my spare time.

  1. A nice relaxing shower routine
  2. Host a dance party for yourself
  3. Have a staycation
  4. Go on a hike
  5. Meditate i.e. practice deep breathing
  6. Have a home spa day
  7. Do some stretches before starting your day
  8. Give out compliments to spread kindness
  9. Write in a journal for self reflection
  10. Volunteer to help grow a healthier envirinment
  11. Call a friend to practice socializing
  12. Go to a library
  13. Take a walk outside to connect with nature
  14. Ghost if you need to
  15. Take the day off in order to recharge your battery
  16. Sketch in a book
  17. Order food to treat yourself
  18. Heal your energy
  19. Watch a tutorial to learn new things
  20. Drink water
  1. Positive affirmations
  2. Set your boundaries
  3. Social media detox
  4. Practice photography
  5. Take yourself out on a date
  6. Cuddle with your pet
  7. Deep breathing
  8. Say “no” when you’re in a uncomfortable situation
  9. Read a book
  10. Watch a movie
  11. Laugh as a excuse to smile
  12. Bake a cake
  13. Clean eating
  14. Take a power nap
  15. Go outside
  16. Make your bed
  17. Light a candle
  18. Dress up to practice stylizing
  19. Mental health check
  20. Do some yoga
  21. Drink coffee
  22. Put on some warm socks
  23. Use a diffuser
  24. Watch a marathon
  25. Ask for advice
  26. Do your nails
  27. Online shopping
  28. Random act of kindness
  29. Open a door for a stranger

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