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21 Activities You Need For Your Self Care Ritual

Finding 21 activities for your self care ritual is a good reminder to take care of yourself outside of your social life.

A self care ritual is an act to make you feel creative and inspired while you are practicing taking care of your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs you are reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.  

Sometimes it’s tough to turn actions into habits because we’re making excuses of needing to work constantly. We say that we want to do fun activities with friends or family, but we don’t have time or don’t feel like it.  In order to doing the things you want, I recommend you do your self care rituals before you continue your journey.

For your self care ritual it is important to take baby steps because you are learning new experiences and deciding whether to make the right choices for your lifestyle journey.

The best way to keep up with taking care of yourself is to time manage your schedule on when you need to take a moment for yourself. While you are taking your breaks, you can manage your energy by breathing exercises. If you’re going through a rough moment do some coping mechanisms to get your emotions in control.

Don’t forget to ask yourself questions daily.  If you’re unsure, dive deep about what those answers mean to you.

Here are my 21 self care ritual activities for you to try.

Your daily self care rituals are like beauty treatments for your soul

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Practice Daily Gratitude 

Practicing daily gratitude shows how thankful you are for what you’ve accomplished and show yourself how much you appreciate what you have now. For example you accept the moments while living in the present. When you’re sharing gratitude towards others, it shows how much respect you give them and makes others feel recognized.

Move Your Body 

Joce Doing Workouts | 22 Activities You Must Have in Your Ritual

Moving your body should be a habit before getting started with your day by staying active on how much you take care of it.

First you must start your day doing your stretches to get rid of stiffness and prevent injuries during your workouts. Then you want to decided how you want to do your workouts to keep your body in shape and what you want to improve on your workout journey. After that you can start working out to reach your fit goal. Finally you will feel good about yourself from the inside and out.

Listen to a Podcast 

Listening to a podcast daily with help you grow your entertainment, self-esteem, and mindset.  Best time to listen to a podcast is while you have time to spare. You learn to understand from the creators point of view and gain inspiration to help you succeed throughout your journey.

Spend Some Time Outdoors 

San Jose Municiple Rose Garden Sunrise | 22 Activities You Must Have in Your Ritual

Going outdoors gets you to connect with nature and gives your air to breathe. It’s a good mini meditation to relax your brain and find inspiration how you can develop your social status.


Use your spare time doing the things you love. Hobbies helps you rediscover yourself and will teach you to love yourself more.

Cook or Bake 

As much as it’s nice to go out to your favorite restaurant, sometimes food tastes better when you make a home cooked meal.  Plus if you want to clean eat it’s good practice to keep up with your diet.

Make Time to Catch Up 

Sit down, relax, and make an update to your lifestyle.  Go catch up on you books, tv shows, phone a friend who you hadn’t seen in a while.

Night Spa Routine

Night spa is a good way to end your days after a long shift.  Put on a face mask, take a nice relaxing shower, and play some nice relaxing music.  Don’t forget to meditate.


Reduce your time with electronics and have some quality time with yourself.  In this day in age life revolves around tech, but there is so much out there that you don’t want to miss.

Avoid Toxic People 

We enjoy having company around and friends to hang out with.  Are you happy with the environment you’re in?  If not then don’t waste your time and energy being around those people.

Take a Nap 

If you’re tired, take a 15-30 nap to feel better.  Spray your room with air freshener, lay or sit somewhere cozy, and give yourself time to relax and catch up with your sleep.

Keep Learning 

Make a development by experiencing new activities.  When you learn something new it has an impact on your knowledge. Find something to do that will make you feel like a brand person.  Doing a new activity is a life changing event for your mental health, habits, and lifestyle.

Prioritize Sleep 

Make a habit to sleep 8-10 hours because sleeping will give you better days.  If you have a hard time falling asleep, put your phone down and take out a book to read until you doze off.


Journal helps you self reflect on your well being.  Write down your prompts for at least 1 or 2 pages daily.

Here are my journals I’m currently using:

Make a To-Do List 

Remember, one step at a time.  Multitasking may feel like you can get your stuff done faster, but it can be stressful.  Making a to-do list will help you get tasks done one by one.  You will feel less overwhelmed if you’re not doing everything all at once.

Declutter Your Space 

Organize your space so you can live in a clean environment.  You will feel relaxed and happy living in a decluttered space.

Dress Up

End your morning routine by wearing your favorite clothes that make you feel like yourself.  Don’t forget to accessorize and put on your make up.

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