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19 Tips How to Use Coping Mechanisms For Your Emotions

People tend to forget how to control their feelings however I found 19 tips on coping mechanisms for your emotions.

In my emotional state I’ll play a song on my sad playlist and cry myself to sleep.  But last summer when I went to Electric Forest, I got inspired by doing a scavenger hunt, meeting new people, having fun with my rave family and listening and dancing to the best music.  Halfway through my trip I learned to control my emotions after taking a deep breathing session.  Ever since then I haven’t let my emotions take control over me.

Joce at Electric Forest 2023

If you grew up in an unhealthy environment like I did, there’s a possibility you hadn’t learned to cope.

Feeling unsatisfied motivates us to make unhealthy decisions by avoiding those feelings.  

Coping is when you deal and treat your emotions by taking action and doing activities.  They can either be healthy or unhealthy. 

Healthy coping skills benefit you for self control and awareness. Unhealthy coping is when you are capable of doing unhealthy habits.

If you’re unhappy because things don’t go according to plan, give yourself a break and find something productive to do. As you heal you will feel a different emotion that can turn your bad days around.  

Here are my 25 things to do  for your emotions.

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Meditation relaxes your brain and muscles to relieve stress.  If you want to make it more relaxing and feel the vibe, then you can set the mood i.e. light a candle, play some relaxing music, and cleanse your space. Also its a good way to cope with anxiety as long as you do your breathing exercises.


Writing your thoughts down can help when you are overthinking about your situations.  Take 5-10 minutes out of your day to write what your grateful for, what your goals are, and what you’ve accomplished. 

Journals I used to develop a better relationship to myself i.e. The Five Minute Journal; The One Minute-Gratitude Journal; The Shadow Book Journal.


Grab a book to gain inspiration and improve your focus.  Keep that in mind to do this activity when you come home exhausted or wake up not knowing what to do. Spend some time reading for about 10-30 minutes.

I have my preferences on time managing my reading hours. When I wake up, I read non-fiction to help my brain develop for the day. Before going to bed i read fiction to help my imaginations for my beauty rest.

On the weekdays I read about 10 pages daily and spend 30 minutes during the weekend.


Living in a cluttered space can decrease your focus. If something in your space is bothering you try to take a little time cleaning up so you can relax and work in a clean environment.

Since spring is coming around the corner, this is a good time to do some spring cleaning at you home environemt.


Hearing the sound of tunes will help you understand how you can respond to your emotions when you’re in a painful situation.   During your Me-Time, this is your time to zone out and put yourself in your own world. This is helpful for you to lift up your energy so you can get inspired on how you want to live a healthier lifestyle.


If you’re lacking sleep or having low self esteem, make a workout routine about 4-5 times a week. Not only does it cope with your emotions but it will keep you in shape, make your body less stiff, and burn calories.

Lately I been watching Lily Sabri’s pilates workouts to motivate myself to move my body.


Being tired in the middle of the day doesn’t feel comfortable.  Take a small nap for about 15-30 minutes to regain your energy so you can stay focused on your tasks throughout the day.

If you’re going through insomniac, make a 30 minute night routine to get better sleep.

Take a Walk 

Having the feeling of pressure causes both stress and anxiety.  Go out for a walk to connect with nature and add your steps in. Hence to help clear your brain and can get you more creative. Maybe you can find a favorite spot outside your home to take inspiration.

Detox Social Media/ Screen 

Spending too much time can increase your anxiety and possibly ruin your vision.  To get out of your comfort, spend some time doing fun activities so you’re not missing out on opportunities.

Vision Happy Moments 

Small flashbacks of the happiest moments you experienced will help you cope with negative thoughts and reduce anxiety. 

Gratitude List 

Make a list of what you’re grateful for, what you accomplished, and things you’re good at.  This helps grow a healthier relationship with yourself by understanding what makes you stronger today.

Practice Time Management 

Keeping track of time will set boundaries getting your tasks done on time.   Try not to rush and focus the the important things to complete.

Deep Breathing 

Any negative emotions affect you ability to focus on your needs. Take a 5 and practice deep breathing to calm your nerves and let go of anything hinder your success.

Identify Feelings 

Understanding your feelings is helpful to get your emotions in control and learn from your past experiences. 

Cuddle a Pet 

Animals are the best emotional support tools you can use when you are going through depression and can turn your bad days around. Talking to a pet can help you practice your social skills to understand how you can interact with people.

Go Outside 

Grab your shoes and take time to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the day out.  There are so many activities you can do to gain inspirations and get opportunities to make your journey a success.

Ask for Advice 

Being stuck is an uncomfortable feeling when you don’t know what to do.  Talking to a friend helps you understand where someone else is coming from their point of view.


Drinking water will help you stay awake and keep your body in a healthy shape.  If you’re tired of drinking plain water add some flavor like sparkling water, tea, infused inclusions, or Liquid IV.

Watch a Funny Video 

Laughter is what will brighten your mood to boost confidence, relieve stress, and turn your bad days around.

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