My Self Care Bathroom Routine to Develop Self Love

Learning to develop a self care bathroom routine to find self love. How much time do you spend time in the bathroom during the day?

I’ve had so many people complain how long I take to get ready for the day. Because I use to have an unset schedule to get ready for the start and end of my day.  After years of trying to come up with the best routine, find the best products, and doing organization.  Of course I won’t have time to do everything daily which is why I took the best time to come up with the right order for this routine.

Whether you do this in the morning, afternoon, and evening, taking time in the bathroom to connect with your inner beauty. This self care routine gives you time to prepare the next chapter in your book.

During this time will help you become healthier during your self care routine by getting over your insecurities, getting to know yourself better, and making the best appearance.

This routine is not only about taking care of your hygiene, it’s about self-care and staying organized.  The more organized you are with your bathroom routines, the more motivation you get with keeping up with this cycle. 

It’s one of the best ways to start your day so your body can feel less stiff and refreshed. Before going to bed,  make time to relax and increase your chance of getting better sleep.

Turn on your favorite music, light a candle, and open the window for natural light and air.

Here are my tips to develop a self care bathroom routine to find self love.

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Take a Shower 

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Wash the dirt off by having a refreshing shower routine.  Showering helps keep track of how you take care of your hygiene and is a form of self care. Each time you usually take a shower I will come out with my head cleared, feeling fresh and clean, and learn to love my body even more.

Skin Care Routine 

After finishing your shower routine, spend time doing your skin care routine using your favorite products.  If you had a hard time staying awake, use some cold products i.e. ice rollers, a bowl of ice, and eye masks.

Brush Your Teeth 

Keeping your teeth clean can help you have good breath and keep your teeth healthy.  Plus waking up and going to bed feeling that uncomfortable taste in your mouth can be overwhelming. Another tip I can give you is chewing a piece of gum.


Joce's beauty selfie

Your inner beauty is what makes you prettier, but that doesn’t mean you’re forbidden to enhance your beauty. Makeup is what makes an attractive appearance as long as you don’t go too heavy with your makeup.

Hair Care 

Taking care of your hair is also helping you take care of your hygiene. When it comes to taking care of your hair, use some cold water and  find products that are right for you.


When you’re done with taking care of yourself, do some cleaning to keep your space organized so you can have a relaxing bathroom routine.

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