Healthy Rituals to do at 5 in the Morning

There’s nothing better to do than waking up being productive. In order to start you day fresh, here are some healthy rituals to do at 5 in the morning

Waking up early is a motivating activity of a life changing event and brings you happiness before starting your day. Benefiting you to spread positive energy moreover being productive throughout the day.  This will give you time to have for yourself to be energized and create healthy goals for your journey.  

If you have trouble waking up early and you want to develop your morning routines, think about your goals and how you can improve yourself during the day.  Spend the first 3 hours of your day to gain your power by doing your morning tasks.  

The more you wake up early, the better you can make a habit of:

  • Sticking with your goals
  • Start the day with less stress
  • Boost your confidence
  • Believe in yourself
  • Being on top of your tasks.

Morning routine can change depending on how much time you have to spare getting ready throughout the day.  However try not to stress how much things you need to get done in the morning and just go with your flow.

Here are some healthy rituals to do at 5 in in the morning. Just remember, have fun with it.

Morning is an important time of day, because you spend your morning you can often tell what kind of day you’re going to have

Daniel Handler

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5:00 AM – Rise, Shine, and Stretch

Waking up is the tricky part to start off your morning however hitting the snooze button will not make your day any better. 

If you are want to develop your morning routines to be this early, change the sound of your alarm clock once you start to feel unmotivated to wake up.  Waking up helps you reduce burnouts and builds your confidence up throughout the day. After move your body, do some stretches to get rid of the stiffness in your body.

5:05 AM – Do Your Business

After getting out of bed, Take care of doing some important tasks such as using the bathroom, feeding your pets, and making your bed. This is will help you stay motivated doing your morning rituals before starting your day.

5:10 AM – Early Morning Hydration and Eat a Apple

Make a habit of drinking water when you get out of bed before making a cup of coffee. Starting your day with water helps you hydrate your body after 8 hours of dehydration. Building a habit to keep track of your water schedule.  

5:15 AM – Early Morning Skincare Routine

Now your body is hydrated, this is the time to get your skin clear and hydrated.  Morning skincare routines are my favorite part to start the day. Reducing the puffiness from the bags under your eyes.  

5:25 AM – Coffee Time

Aesthetic coffee | healthy rituals to do at 5 in the morning

If you’re a coffee lover like I am, make yourself a cup of coffee at home with some sweetness.  Start it off with a healthy snack to fill in your belly before doing your workouts.  

To save time and money, make some coffee at home to enjoy your nice relaxing morning.

5:30 AM – Morning Workouts is a Stress Relief 

Do your workouts at least 3-5 times a week to keep you body in shape and active.  Exercising is one of my favorite coping skills to relieve sadness and stress.

In case you have any nightmares, morning workouts clears your brain from all the negative energy from hindering your success.

On the days I don’t workout, I’ll take some time to cook a big healthy meal and drink some water after.

6:00 AM – Second Early Morning Hydration 

After I workout, I’ll get myself another cup of water.  But I like to add some flavor to my water schedule by adding Liquid IV to help me stay focused. I’ll add the flavor to my water schedule to keep track of how much water I drink throughout the day. 

6:05 AM – Cook and Eat Breakfast 

Earlier I mentioned that I’ll cook a big breakfast on the days I don’t workout.  If I don’t have time to cook, I’ll make a smoothie, grab a bowl of yogurt, or insert some Eggo Waffles in my toaster and add fruit to the side of my meal.  

Another suggestion I’ll add is to start your day by eating produce to keep track of clean eating. 

6:20 AM – Do Some Morning Journaling

Do some morning journaling while you are enjoying that home cooked meal you made.  Writing your thoughts down in the morning will motivate you to believe in yourself, stay productive, and help you achieve your goals. 

I’ll spend 10 minutes writing down a page or two about my imagination.

6:30 AM – Read a Relaxing Book

Grab a book that will help you develop your personal growth with soothing music.  My favorite genres to read are self care, poetry, and non-fiction to learn new things.

Sit in a comfy spot besides your bed so you don’t fall asleep and lose track of your morning. Your bedroom floor, couch, or the front porch are the best places to sit if you want to focus on learning new things.

7:00 AM – Take a Refreshing Morning Shower 

Wash out all the grogginess and sweat off your body by taking a morning shower. 

The days I’m not working out, I’ll take about 20 or 30 minutes doing my full shower routines.  When I don’t have time to take a full shower, I’ll take about 5-10 minutes to exfoliate and wash my body then put on my body products after I shower.

As much as I want to talk about shower routines, that will be for another time to talk about.

7:15 AM – Get Ready to Start Your Day

Get ready to start your day by applying your favorite makeup, fixing your hair, and throwing on your favorite outfit.  If you’re in a rush to get out of the house, take your time by applying your makeup lightly, throw your hair back, and put on an outfit you planned to wear today.

I’ll take about 45 minutes – 3 hours getting ready depends on how much time I have to spare in the day.  As much as I wanna talk about getting ready, that’ll be for another time.

8:00 AM – Last Check Before Leaving Your Home

Before leaving home, gather your supplies and make sure you don’t leave any important stuff behind or forget to do small tasks like feeding your pets.  You want to come to a clean home to a clean environment and leave with supplies that you can’t live without.

8:15 AM – Leave Home and Get Inspired

Before leaving the your home, lock up and get ready to take on the world.  Your day has officially started and you’re ready to begin your journey by going with your flow.

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