Healthy Examples For a Beautiful Glow Up

Are you ready to make a new version of yourself? This glow up challenge will help you have some healthy examples for a beautiful glow up.

This Glow-Up challenge will grow a stronger connection with your inner beauty. For example of making good habits and motivating you to try new healthy routines.  This will help you unleash your true perspective and take off with your journey of:

  • Personal growth
  • Enhancing you physical appearance
  • Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Moving Forward
  • Builds Successful Mindsets
  • Having the perfect skincare routine
  • Balance your inner and outer well-being
  • Develops your wellness routine

This journey will get you to discover yourself and take better care of yourself.  As a result to allowing you to shine bright and live your life they way you deserve to live.  

Here are my healthy examples for a beautiful glow up that will help bring out your natural beauty.

Every day when you wake up in the morning and you don’t know how to start your day, try doing the things that will make you feel beautiful.  This can be your daily reminder of where you stand now and how you can take care of yourself better.  As you go on with this routine, you will begin to love yourself more everyday.

If  you’re starting to feel unmotivated with your routines, make a change so you can keep moving forward with your lifestyle. 

All makeovers should be about enhancing who you are

Bethany Mota

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5x a Week of Working Out

Set your schedule for your workout routines to build a better relationship with your body and emotions. Giving you motivation to keep up with your physical health and develop you mindset to.

The best way to keep up with your routine is to record you workout sessions. For example, do your workout routines for 3 days in a row then take a rest day and repeat. The better you keep up with routines, it can approve of your physical appearance to grow your self-esteem. 

Make a Meal Plan

There are plenty of healthy diets to chose however I recommend you to try the mediterranean diet.

To make your meal plan successful, try not to dine and order take out. Instead you can make a chart of your weekly meal plan to keep up with your diet.

To motivate you to keep better track of what you eat in a day, spent at least once a week to organize your fridge. Then you can plan on what meals you want to cook with your favorite recipes.

Keep Track of How Much Water You Drink a Day

By keeping up with your water schedule, try to set a schedule of when you need to hydrate.  By keeping better track, I try to add some flavoring to add fun to your hydration routine.  

Drinking water is also helpful to prevent your skin from drying in cold weathers and keeps it glowing.

This water tracker list is my biggest suggestion to you:

  • Grab a cup of water after I wake up and before coffee
  • After I finish my Coffee 
  • Liquid IV water after my workouts
  • Glass of water during skin care
  • 21 ounces water bottle of infused water
  • Sparkling water with lunch and dinner
  • A cup of tea before bed

8 Hours of Beauty Rest

Sleep will boost your energy and will motivate you to wake up early if you go to bed early.  In my opinion early starts will lead you to better days because you have all the time of the day to stay organized with your tasks and have time for entertainment.  This will help you get out of your comfort zone if you keep up with a better sleep schedule. 

Before going to bed try to stay off technology to protect your vision and reduce anxiety. Then oo something productive and drink a glass of tea

Cope with Your Emotions

Most times it is okay to let go of your emotions because it means that you are learning from your weaknesses.  Coping with your feelings gets you in self control and keeps you aware of how you take actions.

In addition to your coping skills, you can practice keeping your emotions in control by deep breathing. It’s a good exercise after you wake up, feel negative emotions, and before going to sleep. Once you get your emotions in control, you can go on with your day with a smile on your face and feel the light of energy.

Take Care of Your Mental Health 

Your mental health should always be a priority because it affects your actions, feelings, and happiness. As a result to spreading positive energy to a workplace, keeping you inspired, be getting creative throughout your journey.

Get to Know You Inner and Outer Beauty 

Everyday when I wake up, I tell myself that I’m beautiful as a reminder to motivate myself to keep a healthy lifestyle.  For example, you are gaining your confidence by accepting yourself by overcoming your securities.  By keeping up with your beauty try to make a routine of self care.  

Everything listed above is about connecting with your inner beauty however your outer beauty gives the impression for your performance.

Here’s a list of connecting with your outer beauty:

Get to Know Your Style

After doing some research and taking inspiration with what you want your appearance to look like, go through my closet and take what you have to make a good impression for yourself.  This helps you to get to know what makes you feel good about your aesthetic and appearance. 

Dressing what you’re comfortable with is what can lead you to have a good impression on yourself.  You feel like you are learning new things about yourself by getting over your insecurities and letting go of the past.  If you begin not to feel like yourself in that style, you can make a change of how you want to represent yourself.

If you are in the feel of needing to buy new clothes but you want to save money, I recommend going thrifting to upgrade your style. Don’t forget to add some bling to your style if you really want to stand out.  If you’re bored with what you have planned to wear for the day, add some cute accessories to match your outfit and you’ll begin to feel like you are ready to take on your journey.  

Declutter Your Personal Environment

While you’re working in a messy environment, you’ll feel unmotivated to continue with your work if you want to organize your space.  A clean environment will keep you motivated for your healthy routines, mental health, and success. 

Find Your Aesthetic

Knowing your aesthetic is a positive way of getting to know yourself by giving you inspiration on what you desire for your lifestyle.  Discover what represents you, do the things you love doing, and think about what gives you inspiration.

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