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A List of Energy Givers and Takers

I’ve made a list of energy givers and takers to prioritize happiness. What gives you energy in order to have a successful journey?

When I got into my 20s I have struggled getting to know what I’m passionate about with my future.  However I’ve learned that adulthood isn’t easy making life choices after I started getting a job, my drivers license, and opening up my bank account.  I slowly learned that life is difficult and make the right choices i.e. learning from my mistakes and getting to know what makes me successful.

Here’s an example 2 types of energy that affect your wellbeing. 

Joce at the Painted Ladies San Francisco CA | A List of Energy Givers and Takers

Energy Giver: spreads positivity, accepting your current situation, and something that makes you happy

Energy Taker: filled with negativity, neediness, and ruins the vibe

Reflecting negative behaviors must be both considered and understood.  For example we’ll never be perfect, negative feelings and stress are powerful, and any point in life can get easily out of control.

In order to become an energy giver attracts positive energy, be aware of your surroundings, reflect on your life accomplishments, and understand what makes you happy.

When was the last time your heart was full? 

The feeling of both being loved and bright putting a smile on our faces can bring your sparkle back.

Give yourself a moment to write down what you’re grateful for and what fills your bucket. Then I want you to put your list somewhere you can look at everyday.

Here are a list of energy givers and takers to be aware of.

Givers have a source of energy that takers never enjoys

Dr. Henry Cloud

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Energy Givers: 

  • Get some beauty rest
  • Go out and get fresh air
  • Have a clean eating diet i.e. 3 fruits a day; reduce sugar and dairy; omega 3
  • Laughing can bring a smile on your beautiful face
  • Read a book as a result to grow your mindset
  • Have a workout routine i.e. Lilly Sabri Fat Burn Pilates
  • Giving and gaining support for you and others
  • Stay hydrated
  • Listen to music
  • Spend some quality family time 
  • Have natural sunlight 
  • Take a nice relaxing vacation i.e.
  • Balancing both your work and personal life 
  • Making your mental health a priority 
  • Put some gratitude in attitude
  • Focus on healthy relationships 
  • Reduce caffiene i.e. 1 Cup of Coffee Per Day 
  • Add some flowers to your bedroom
  • Cuddle a animal
  • Be creative with your skills
  • Write your thoughts down in a journal i.e. The Five Minute Journal; The Shadow Book Journal
  • Set your boundaries 
  • Having a clean and organized environment

Energy Takers:

  • Being dehydrated
  • Stressing out
  • Reduce time from social media/screen time 
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Overthinking your situations
  • Fear 
  • Hatred 
  • People Pleasing 
  • Being surrounded in a toxic environment 
  • Having only a one-side relationship 
  • Running away from your problems 
  • Eating too much junk food i.e. takeout; dining out
  • Having too much negativity energy
  • Drinking too much alcohol 
  • Setting no boundaries 
  • Lack of beauty sleep 
  • Setting unreal goals 
  • Holding in too much emotion

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