Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

Your self care shower routine will make you feel fresh and connect with your inner beauty either you are starting or ending your day by washing dirt off your skin.

Part of my bathroom routine is to take a shower as I am getting ready to get started with my day. It’s a good way to make me feel awake and refreshed after a log nights rest or a long day at work.

Shower routines are a great way to practice self care and are a bathing experience that makes you feel brand new. This is your moment to romanticize you to be the better you.

While you are taking the time for yourself, add some fun to your shower routines with music, candles, and shower steamers.  Plan your time to pamper and give yourself a refreshment.

I’m sure most of you can relate when we were as our younger selves. We thought that taking a shower is a chore before coming to the realization that this is a self care ritual.

You can enjoy some time alone to practice your self care ritual while you wash away the dirt from your body.  Take the time to relax your brain, muscles, and body while you are taking the rinse off in the shower.

Before jumping in, I want to credit for helping me with this ritual. After I began reading her blogs after I searched this routine on Pinterest. I highly recommend you check out her page.

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Hair Care

Joce's pre shower routines | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

Firstly it like to start my hair care by applying oil a couple hours before entering. The hair treatment I recommend is oil for your scalp and massage it an hour before you step in the shower. This will relieve the dry scalp and make a healthier hair routine.

Later on I’ll spend about a minute detangling my locks before wetting it under water. So my hair is not tangled while I’m doing my hair care routine in the shower.  

I like to detangle my hair with a Bamboo Brush to have a healthy scalp, growth, and prevent frizz.

Dry Brush Your Skin 

Exfoliation before a shower will remove dead skin, make your wrinkles less visible, and reveal the freshness for your skin. This will help you and your skin relax for your self care ritual.

I’ll use this EcoTools Dry Brush to spend about 5-10 minutes to exfoliate my body.


If you shower daily, I highly recommend you don’t take hot showers because it will dry your skin..  Before enetering, set the water to right temperature so you can have a nice relaxing warm shower.

Set The Mood 

Joce setting the mood for her bathroom routine | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

If you want a relaxing shower, put on your favorite playlist, lighting some candles, and using some shower steamers to make your space relaxing.

Set Your Clothes

If you already have an outfit in mind, set it anywhere you like before you hop into the shower.  Outfit planning before showering will help you start your day quicker and better. 

Bar Soap

Joces Showerhead | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

The first thing I do after hopping in the shower is using a bar of soap to exfoliate my body before washing my body. Do this daily because it’s a relaxing way to start and finish your shower routine.


I’ll set the water temperature to a cooler level to wash my hair.  Hot water and daily hair washing can dry your scalp and damage your hair. Make sure you wash your hair for at least 3 days a week.

Here are a few of my recent shampoos I’m using right now:

Wash Body 

Use your favorite scented body gel with a loofah and scrub it all over your body to make you smell good.  

In case you’re curious of the types of body wash I like to use, I like choose my body scents with different types of texture during seasonal times.

  • Summer: I like to use scents that have an ocean smell and mix it up with something fruity as a result to feeling the summer vibes.
  • Fall: As pumpkin spice season arrives, I like to mix it up with coffee or nature scents.
  • Winter: In order to make the holidays festive, I use sugary scents to add the sparkle to the season of joy.
  • Spring: As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers are blooming, adding my floral scent with a little sugary scent is what will keep me happy during the season

My favorite body wash brands are:

Hair Mask 

Apply a dime size of hair mask from mid length to ends and leave it in for at least 2-10 minutes to smoothen your hair. The best way to apply hair mask is to use a comb to make it easily blend in. Do this for at least 1-2 twice a week to keep your hair glowing.

The hair masks I usually use are:

Hair Scalp Treatment 

Put some treatment into your scalp to erase the dead skin from it. Only apply this for at least once a week to have a healthier scalp and hair growth. Then leave it in your hair between 2-5 minutes.

Types of hair masks I use:

  • Hairetage

Body Scrub 

After you wash your body, use some body scrub to exfoliate your skin. Apply the scrub before shaving to moisturise and have smoother legs.  

My top favorite TreeHut body scrubs are:


After washing and exfoliating your body, clean your body by shaving your arms, legs, underarm, and bikini line to make your body a work of art.

My goto razors are:

The products I use for shaving are:


Lastly, I’ll smoothen my hair with conditioner so my hair can feel soft after I hop out for the shower. The correct way to apply conditioner it to squeeze the extra water in you hair, than apply a dime size of the product on to you beautiful hair. Once you’re finished, rinse your hair after second or a few minute after applying.

The Hair Conditioners I’m recently using are:

Dry Your Hair

After getting out of the shower, dry your hair with a t-shirt because is better using a towel can damage your hair. Make sure to squeeze all the water out before you wrap it up.  Then I’ll  wipe my hair with the T-shirt after letting dry before letting my hair down.

Hair Care  

Joce's haircare products | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

Before I start doing my hair care, I’ll detangle my hair with a comb to get rid of all the knots.

This brush by Tangle Teezer has changed my life. This is the only brush I use when my hair is wet. After I detangle my hair, I’ll start applying hair products to keep my hair in a healthy form.

These are all the hair products I use after I get out of the shower:

Skin Care

skincare products that joce uses | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

Skin is my all time favorite activity to do after waking up and before going to bed. To keep my skin glowing, smooth, and healthy.

All skincare products I use:

Apply Body Lotion, Perfume, and Deodorant

oral care joce uses | Beauty Self Care Shower Routine to Make You Feel Fresh

I’ll apply lotion with my favorite scent to smoothen my body. Then I’ll spray perfume with my signature scent. Finally I’ll apply deodorant under my arms.

Practice Self Care

After finishing my routines, I’ll practice self care mirror gazing, mediation, or finishing my self care rituals before getting ready for the day.

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