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22 Habits That Will Sabotage Your Happiness

When was the last time you were unaware about your happiness. You might have 22 habits that your doing to sabotage your happiness.

For a while I was struggling to find happiness with my social life, home environment, career goals, and the relationship with myself.  Recently I was hanging out with a group of friends who I thought were caring and supportive of my wellbeing and theirs. But why hang out with them when they can’t take care of themselves and rely on others to take care of them?  I began to distance myself from the toxic energy so I won’t continue to lose track of achieving my goals.

Asking yourself why you’re unhappy means you’re guilty of habits sabotaging your wellbeing.  So many habits can hide your emotions without you realizing how you’re feeling.  Brake those habits immediately when you find yourself making unhealthy habits.

Dropping bad habits will skyrocket your happiness no matter how good or bad your days go.  Sometimes it’s even hard to prioritize happiness whether you’re at home, work, and friends.

Sometimes people seem happy when you know they have their life put together and everything going well for them. But it doesn’t mean that they are always happy, which is why you should be aware of others’ feelings by understanding their point of view.  

In order to bring joy and happiness to you wellbeing, try some self love activities to build you up.  When you continue to stay productive, you’re most likely to spread positivity making a successful journey.

Here are 22 habits that will sabotage your happiness.

Seeking happiness is what’s making you unhappy.

Maxime Lagace

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Joce's day trip to starbucks | 22 habits that will sabotage your happiness

Not taking any breaks can affect your ability to be productive and keep up with your routines. Rest and reset before you get back to your tasks so you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Eating Less 

Lacking your schedule means you’re going through an emotional moment. But skipping appetite can cause health issues for your body and possibly can affect your mental health.  I suggest making a schedule to keep up with your appetite and having 3 meals per day.

If you want a healthy eating routine, click here to purchase and read The Noom Mindset. It changed my eating, hydrating, and self care lifestyle.

No Routine 

Having no cycle for your lifestyle is something that lacks your ability to stay productive.  To create a routine, consider self care activities and how you can start and end your day.

Staying in Your Comfort Zone 

Joce's cat penny laying in bed | 22 habits that will sabotage your happiness

As cozy as it sounds to be in comfort, staying indoors for too long can lead to missed opportunities.  A little natural sunlight and fresh air won’t hurt after you start off by taking a walk outside and getting inspired.

Too Much Holding in Your Emotions 

Being strong doesn’t mean you should hide your emotions.  Avoiding our emotions can affect how we behave mentally and physically. In fact letting out your emotions relieves stress and grows a closer relationship with your social status and yourself. 

Recently for the past couple months I had a hard time connecting with my emotions until I purchased The Shadow Book to identify it. Click here to claim it to make a better version of your wellbeing.

Too Much Social Media/Screen Time 

One of the biggest addictions for millennials and Gen Z are being hooked on technology.  Being on our phones can increase anxiety and lack of sleep.  Have at least 1 hour of screen time and spend most of the day doing activities that will make you productive.

Not Getting Ready For the Day 

Starting your day unprepared can get you stressed and confused.  To get you started, get motivated and plan a routine to get your daily schedule so you can have a good flow to your day.

Not Taking Care of Yourself 

If you’re not taking the time to care for yourself, you are missing out on opportunities and staying in your comfort zone.  If there’s anything holding you back and making you overworked, make time for yourself.


Just because you want to live another person’s lifestyle, doesn’t mean you should do exactly what they do. In fact living someone else’s lifestyle will change the way you act and behave and can spread negative energy. If you feel jealous, look at yourself in the mirror to remember who you are, why you love yourself, and what makes you better today.

Lack of Sleep 

lace gloves on slik sheets | 22 habits that will sabotage your happiness

Not getting any beauty can affect your mood like stress, anxiety, and unmotivation.  Before going to sleep, put down your electronics, start a night routine, and plan for the next day.

Dealing with Situations Out of Your Control 

No matter if you’re having friend drama, wanting to get involved, and rushing to get ahead, it’s not your job to solve every problem.  If there’s a situation that doesn’t concern your presence, it’s best to stay out of it and worry about your own business.

Hanging Around with Negative People 

No matter how long you have a connection with a family, friend, partner, or colleague, finding yourself happy in a relationship is what can bring you down. Keep your distance, communicate, or ghost if you need to.

Being Ungrateful 

Being unappreciated is what’s not going to help you get ahead of your journey.  If you want to move up to your success, take what you have, give equal respect to one another, and do what you love to appreciate the moment you have now. 

Debating Happiness with Material Gains 

joce's bedroom organization | 22 habits that will sabotage your happiness

Are you happy with your newest material?  Just because you got an item it doesn’t mean you’re happy with what you have. In fact emotional spending is an unhealthy coping mechanism, but that’s a story I’ll discuss next time.   Before purchasing an item ask yourself questions, think about what you’re going to benefit, and will it be useful for your journey?

Holding on to the Past 

Change is scary but the past is in the past. You are hindering your journey by holding a grudge, getting lost in memories, and living with regret.  Let you past accomplished define where you stand now so you can make the best for your future for your journey.

People Pleasing 

Impression and codependency is what we want to get out of developing the relationship, but we can’t always get the reaction we expect. If you need time to yourself, accept who you are and set your boundaries.

Blaming Things On Others 

Playing the victim can sabotage your relationship with others including yourself. Being in a situation that doesn’t go according to plan, take responsibility, don’t panic, and be honest.

Worrying About Everything 

Having too many concerns can affect your self care relationship and increases your anxiety.  Be mindful and communicate with yourself like writing in a journal or ask for advice.

Self Doubt 

Putting yourself down means letting your insecurities get into your head.  Instead of self negative talk, use positive self affirmations to boost your confidence.


Life can be scary, especially when you get ahead, make changes, or make a fresh start.  I learned to cope with fear is to take exception, get used to the feeling, and practice.

Holding a Grudge

If you’re currently going through so much rage because you’re holding your past accountable for your downfall. If you want to develop your lifestyle, don’t let your traumas and your fears define you.  Instead make a connection with your spiritual self to have faith and forgiveness in yourself.

Taking Things Personally

Getting too serious can make others feel attacked by you and not want to be around you.  If your about to get upset because things don’t go your way, take breaths, ask for advice, and take some time alone.

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