16 Ways of Keeping Your Bedroom Organized

When you’re in your bedroom do you ever think if you can be productive in this environment? I have found 16 ideas of keeping the bedroom in an organized environment.

It’s not relaxing to be living in a cramped environment. In fact living in a cluttered environment is overwhelming and adds stress to your ability to relax, sleep, and focus.  It is better to keep track of organizing your space daily so you can live in a healthy environment.

If you have a busy schedule, try to take 10-30 minutes off of your day to organize your space. When I have the time and day to spare, I will take time doing the bigger tasks. 

You can get prepared by:

  • Making a checklist
  • Boxing things up that you’re
    • Donating 
    • Putting in a different room
    • Taking to your storage
  • Trash bags
  • Cleaning supplies

Here are 16 ways of keeping your bedroom organized.

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Cleaning Your Room Checklist

Joce's Bedroom Organization | 16 Ways of Keeping Your Bedroom Organized

Making a checklist will help you plan and prepare on how you want to keep your space organized. On a daily basis, we don’t have time to get everything done which is why you should plan a to-do list on how you can keep up with keeping your space fresh and clean.  

Also if you want to make you bedroom cleaning time flexible, you can learn how to spring clean your bedroom in 5 days.

Make Your Bed After Waking Up

Bed making is a great way to start your day and keep you motivated with keeping your space organized. Do this daily after getting out of bed so you don’t have to worry about the pile of blankets taking up space in your sleeping environment.  

Clear Stray Clothes 

I’m sure most of you can relate to the fact that we have a hard time putting our clothes back where they belong and leave them on our bedroom floor.  

I used to throw my clothes on the floor because I have a small closet and it’s hard to keep track of where my clothes belong.  I learned if I organize my closet before laundry is better I keep track of how I treat my clothes.

My suggestion for you is thoroughly clean your closet seasonally so you’re wearing the right clothes for the weather.  

Organize Your Space

Take time to organize your spaces such as your nightstand, bookshelf, closet, and vanity. This will help you stay motivated to keep up with this activity for your self care rituals.

Clear Your Bedroom Floors

Cleaning your bedroom floor is what keeps your room clean as well as keeping your lifestyle in order.  The more you keep track of how clean your bedroom floor is, the better you get in the habit of prioritizing your clean space. 

Declutter Storage Under Your Bed

I like to store my cluttered or personal mess underneath my bed where it’s not seen in the presence in my bedroom. But sometimes I have to rummage through it to keep track of how much storage I have under my bed.

Self Care Rituals/Activities

Joce Cat Sai | 16 Ways of Keeping Your Bedroom Organized

Now you have your bedroom decluttered, you can spend your spare time doing your favorite activities to keep you productive.  I spend time doing this daily to keep my emotions in check and mentally prepare for the upcoming events during my journey.

It’s not your space without adding a little fun in your bedroom by taking care of yourself.  This is your time and space to spend some time romanticizing your lifestyle and building new adventures for your journey.

Add Some Delicious Scent in Your Space

Either light a candle or turn on your diffuser to make a delicious smell in your space.  As a result to helping you relax your mind when you are going to sleep or doing productive activities.  

Take Time to Look in the Mirror

If you have a mirror in your room, spend at least 10 minutes looking at yourself connecting with your inner emotions and recognizing your beauty.  You can turn those negative thoughts around and overcome your insecurities with positive thinking.

Positive Self Love Affirmations 

I like to read through positive affirmations when I start a new week as a reminder that I should be more positive about my well being.  This helps me grow my self-esteem and grows a stronger relationship with myself.

I recommend downloading those printables by AuthenticallyDel.  

Phone or Facetime For Personal Advice

If you are struggling to find confidence in yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who can give you the best advice on coping with your struggles.  Taking others’ opinions will not only help you improve on yourself, it will help you understand from another person’s perspective. 

Learn Something New

Learning something new means that you are developing your brain to grow a healthy mindset of your own. There are so many things to learn, but that’ll be for another post in the future.

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