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15 Tips on How to Put Yourself First Without Guilt

Your happiness is something the you don’t have to feel bed about. I have 15 tips on putting yourself first without the feeling of guilt.

Growing up I had a habit of helping others over myself and having codependent relationships. I’ve noticed when I was putting my needs last when I didn’t feel at my happiest during a social event, spending most of my time in my comfort zone, and not keeping up with my routines.

The reason why we put others needs over ourselves is not only about codependency. We are people pleasers and fear of missing out on the fun. As much as we want to help others and socialize, don’t forget to put your own needs first. 

People may take “putting myself first” as selfish.  There is a difference between self love and selfishness.

Self love is when you develop a healthier relationship with yourself, learning new experiences, and setting your boundaries.  Selfishness is when you are  unwilling to listen when they need to vent, never lend a helping hand, and are unaware of anything they’re surrounded by.

However there are times when we feel stuck on what we want to accomplish.  Try to use your good strategies to help boost your confidence

There’s nothing to feel guilty about putting your needs first over work, people, and events.  

Just a simple reminder that not everyone is available 24/7.  This could be a sign that you can spend your time to get your sparkle back.

I’m about to give you my 15 tips by setting your boundaries without feeling guilty.

You always have to remember to take care of you first and foremost, because when you stop taking care of yourself, your get out of balance and really forget how to take care of others

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Take Control of Yourself 

You are taking control of how you set your boundaries by setting your routines and time management.  However everything will not be going according to plan which is why you should come up with a back up plan.  

Plan B could possibly be the better option.  When you feel stuck on how you can make your journey a success, take inspiration.  

Find New Activities to Try

Batch of chocolate chip cookies | 15 Tips on How to Put Yourself First Without Guilt

This could be an inspiring moment for you to grow your mindset and develop new skills.  The feeling of boredom and burnouts feels like a uncomforting moment. For example you are tired of doing the same routines everyday.

Find some self care activities to build a healthier relationship with yourself. Then use your imagination for that skill you want to develop so you can better your new skills by practicing until you become an expert.

Learn From Your Experience

Learning from experiences is what can make you feel powerful for your journey.  With this in mind, learn from your experience to understand what you want to succeed in.  As a result to learning from your mistakes is a sign of a second chance you can develop this event.

If you use those skills in what situations you’re currently in, you are gaining your own power by the lesson you’ve been taught.

Spend Some Time Alone 

Take time out of your day for some me-time will grow a healthier relationship with yourself. For example do something that will entertain you and gain inspiration on what you can accomplish for your journey.

Use Your Self-Affirmations 

Positive affirmations grow your confidence while you continue to say many nice things about yourself.  When you begin to lose confidence with your situation, use these affirmations to lift you up.  Your delusions can even grow your confidence up.

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Write Down the Things You’re Good at 

What are you good at?  If you’re about to lose your confidence, my advice to you is to grab a pen and piece of paper and write what you succeeded in the past.  

Getting to know what you’re good at will help you use that skill to boost your confidence and appreciate your accomplishments.

Surround Yourself With the Right People 

Reach out to the people you know can lift you up. You’ll know when you’re with the right people who can take you seriously, willing to listen to your stories, and lend a helping hand when you need them.

Ask for Helpful Advice 

Taking on someone’s opinions and listening to feedback gets you to understand from others point of view.  Feeling like you’re not doing enough can make you anxious and overthink the situation.

The more you ask for advice, you will grow your social status and have a good connection with the person lending you a helping hand.

Acknowledge Your Feelings 

Another thing you should do when you’re feeling at your lowest is understanding how you feel.  Getting to know your feelings can motivate you on how you can cope with your emotions.

The more you connect with your emotions, you realize how your feelings may affect how you act.

Start a Gratitude Journal 

A gratitude journal can teach you how you can accept and appreciate what you have right now. The feeling of jealousy and greediness makes a negative impact on your point of view which gives me a reason to understand what I’m grateful for.

 If you haven’t achieved your big goal yet, you still can appreciate the smallest accomplishments you’ve made and use it to reach your biggest goal.

Listen to Your Body 

If your body feels like it’s aching, it’s possibly a sign that you must give yourself  a break and take time to unwind.  Your body can tell you if you’re about to be uncomfortable and you can make the right choice if you have an uncomfortable feeling of your physical form.

Listening to your body helps you make the right choices as long as you make healthy decisions to keep you in a healthy environment

Develop Boundaries 

Setting your boundaries means that you’re keeping yourself grounded by limiting your habits and managing time.  To understand your limits, think about what’s important and not important.  Once you understand the importances of your boundaries, you can set that as a healthy habit.

Understand Your Relationships 

Getting to know relationships such as friends, colleagues, and family will help you understand how your connection is with one another.  I learned that you’ll know you’re with the right person if they give the same respect back to you and not drain your energy when you’re around them.  

Another helpful advice I can give you is asking another person about the relationship you’re in and communication.

Trust Your Instinct

Do you watch a ton of thrillers and horror movies as much as I do? I have learned to understand if I’m making the right choices or not.

If you’re unsure about the decisions you are making, ask yourself questions like:

  • Is this gonna lift me up
  • Will I develop anything out of this
  • Am I comfortable about this

Take the opportunity if any of these will help you grow your success for your journey. If not then take a pass on it.  You can ask another person for advice to know if you’re making the right choice.

Make Yourself a Priority

Prioritizing yourself gets you to be more reliable.  While you’re doing a reset, do some activities that will help you reflect yourself better by doing the activities you love and get you productive.

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