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13 Habits That Will Help Keep Up Your Motivation

How do you keep up to date on important tasks? I discovered 13 habits that will help you give motivation to make a successful journey.

Throughout my life I always would get distracted by hanging out with friends and focusing on the negative. However I’m developing the habits by learning to say no and asking myself questions when something will get me successful. I learned from my experience not to take anything personally whether it hurts or meaningful.  

Motivation is a tricky mental state that both helps us take action and achieve our goals. Also allowing us to influence and develop skills to keep up with.  

This is a power that hinders and grows us to achieve our goals. For example how it affects our motivation for confidence, small rewards, and recognitions.  Promoting us to understanding our accomplishments.

Surround yourself in a positive environment at home, in a workplace, and supportive friends that also can give you encouragement, guidance, and a sense of belonging.

Thinking “I don’t feel like doing anything” can be boring which leads you to depression and increase your anxiety.

Please, make time out of your day to get productive as a result to keeping your mindset growing.

Here are my 13 tips to keep you good habits that will help you with your motivation journey.

Nothing is impossible the word itself says ‘I’m possible'”

Audrey Hepburn

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Making Your Goals 

Your goals can motivate you to make healthy decisions.  After writing a list of goals, I encourage you to take some baby steps in order to achieve your goals successfully. 

Surround Yourself with Positive People 

Being around people who will lift you up gives you inspiration for your journey.  This proves how supportive that person is to you and will help you understand from someone’s point of view. Being surrounded by good people gives you practice to socialize in order to gain trust and respect.

Eliminate Distractions 

Anything that is burdening your lifestyle can hinder you from your success, developing relationships, and time for yourself.  Self-reflect on what is preventing you from living dreams and cut them off because the more you’re willing to let go, the less afraid of change you’ll be.

Accepting Challenges  

Putting yourself through harder tasks is learning a new skill and encourages you to continue on what you want to achieve.  Also you are accepting to make changes which can help you get ahead of your journey.

Challenges is a hard task to get through however it could be the best decision you’ve made by moving forward.

Learning From Mistakes 

If you learn from our mistakes, then you can reflect on what what wrong a make a plan B to make you plans successful. In addition to this, you learn not to give up as long as you continue to believe in yourself. Otherwise you won’t get ahead of you journey.

Continuing to Grow     

Don’t give up on what you believe in while you’re moving forward during your journey.  As you go on living your lifestyle take time reflecting your goals, looking at your vision board, and doing self love activities.  Being productive will help you stay busy and reaching towards YBP (Your Big Picture).

Prioritizing Sleep Schedule 

Your sleep schedule is a must to gain energy throughout the day.  During your rest time try to stay away from screens and do things that will keep you relaxed and busy.  8-10 hours of sleep is enough rest for you to spread positive energy in an environment.


Joce walking up the steps at communication hills | 13 habits that will help keep up your motivation

Moving your body is what will keep you active, balanced and is the best way to cope with sadness.  Each time I wake up in the morning I come up with different workout routines to take better care of your physical form.  Using the same routine could cause injuries and overuse, so spend at least 2-3 times a week to rest and recover your body.

Knowing Your Mental and Emotional State 

Understanding what you’re going through can come to realization of your wellbeing.  Self care activities will keep your mindset growing and keep you out of your comfort zone.  I got to understand my emotions after writing down my thoughts in The Shadow Book.

Make Routines 

Having cycles is about making a reset and getting prepared for the day.  If you want a healthy routine to keep you productive, then add some fun things to keep your mind going and make it enjoyable.

Being Productive 

Productivity gives inspiration to make a healthy environment.  Growing your mindset to stay creative, positive, and happy.

Dress Your Part 

Joce in DT Los Gatos | 13 Habits that will help keep up your motivation

Wearing an outfit that makes you feel like yourself can grow your self esteem and reminds you of who you are today.  Wear something that represents your fun personality and what makes you confident today.

Celebrate Accomplishments 

Your victory is what makes your life enjoyable for your growth, success, appreciation and recognition.  No matter how much you succeed or fail, you learn from experiences and make challenges.

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