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12 Things You Don’t Want to Hear But You Need to Listen

There are 12 things you don’t want to hear but you need to listen.  Sometimes it’s better to be honest than sugarcoat things with someone. In the end this could be a life changing event.

After listening to criticism, judgment, and harsh words, you might take the conversations personally. You might be hurt, in denial, and angry about the truth.  However you can break out of your bad habits and have a life changing experience on your journey.

The normal thing about criticism is being defensive about your actions, but think positively why you  are being criticized about your life choices.  Listening to people’s judgment is a good thing because they want you to grow.  If you’re oftenly making excuses and complaining, then people will give you harsh judgements.

Not confronting the truth means you are running away from the consequences.  That’s a sign that you can make a change for a healthier lifestyle.

Dive deep to the consequences you’re facing.  Meaning that you are making a development to improve yourself. 

There are 12 things you don’t want to hear but you need to Listen if you want to keep going ahead.

I know for sure we dwell on is who we become

Oprah Winfrey

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You’re Not Always Right 

You may be unhappy because things don’t go your way, but the other way around can be for the better. You’re not always right about everything because some activities can lead you to trouble and failure.  

We do things the wrong way because we are desperate and afraid.  If your plan doesn’t go the way you want, then make a back up plan to make it a success.

People Will Take Advantage of Your Kindness 

Most times we want to gain respect by spreading the act of kindness towards others.  Sadly people feel respect for you too much where they will mentally abuse you to treat them by abusing their power over you.  

People please in another unhealthy way to go on with a friendship.  If you spot any toxic behaviors from another person, then set your own boundaries and walk away from the disrespect.

Stop Chasing People Who Aren’t Interested 

This follows up with the act of kindness, don’t try to go after someone who will not give the same respect back.  That last thing you want is to feel embarrassed because of how hard you want to impress this person who won’t do the same back.  If they don’t feel the same way how you feel, it’s better to walk away from this relationship.

There are better people out there that are willing to have someone as beautiful as you no matter who you are and where you come from. 

I suggest listening to this podcast episode from A Better You by Fernanda Ramirez.

Some People Just Don’t Like You

Some people just don’t like you because they’re jealous and insecure.  The best way to deal with people who just dislike you is not let them walk all over you by doing what makes you happy.  

Move On Without Closure is for the Best 

This is for the better because people will walk away from you by ghosting you, dodging your calls, and leaving you without any reason. As much as we want a confrontation or the last laugh, it’s better to move on with your life and not think about this person. 

One day that person might crawl back to you, but they’ll have to understand that the bond between the friendship is gone.

Money Won’t Buy Happiness and Can’t Solve Problems 

We see it, like it, want it, and can buy it.  The question is, are you happy with what you bought?  

Before you make your purchase on an item ask yourself  some questions.  Because when you know you have no use for this item, you can save your money on something that you been saving up for.

We All Have the Same Problems

Everyone has their demons to fight and not every single problem has to be about you.  We do make excuses, complain, and distance ourselves from every situation.  

However a lot of people can relate with what you’re going through and it’s okay to reach out.  You can change lives including yourself by lifting people up and that’s what helps you solve a problem and grow a stronger bond with someone.

People Don’t Want to Hear You Complain

There is a lot going on, but complaining will make the situation worse.  The best way to deal with the consequences you’re facing is to reflect on yourself by asking yourself questions and writing a page in a journal.  There is a difference between complaining and venting.

No One Cares About Your Opinions 

People won’t care about your opinions because they’re insecure, in denial, and scared.  It’s not up to you to make decisions for others but yourself.  That doesn’t mean that your opinions don’t matter.  

Stop Pretending to be Someone that You’re Not 

Let’s be honest with ourselves and ask these questions.  

  • Are you proud of being the person who you are now?
  • What can you do to make a change for your journey?
  • How can you make a change for your lifestyle?
  • Why is it important for you?

Dig deep into who you are, you’ll see the real you.  You are perfect just the way you are.

Perfection is Non – Existent 

You try hard to make people proud but are you happy with what you’re doing?  If you are trying too hard, you might feel anxious and stressed.  Ease back and do the things that will help you stay motivated.

You don’t have to be perfect for anyone else but yourself. Please do the things that will bring a smile upon your beautiful face.

 You Are Being Rejected

Rejection will discourage people who don’t like what you worked hard for or feel the same way as you.  That doesn’t mean you should give up on what you believe in.

Your time will come as long as you keep your eyes on the prize.

I want to put closure to this post by sharing my favorite books and journals that was a life changing experience.



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